SACP Call for Papers
2016 AAR Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX
November 19-22, 2016

Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy is affiliated with the AAR as the “Related Scholarly Organization,” and we are invited to offer panels at the annual meeting.

Traditionally, the SACP has offered two panels at each annual meeting. I therefore invite you to submit your proposal for this year’s AAR meeting.

*  *  *

Please submit your

paper proposal (with an abstract of 250-300 words) or
panel proposal (with a 100 words description of each paper & the panel description in 250 words) to


Dr. Michiko Yusa (
Deadline for the submission: May 14, 2016


Last year, the SACP offered a panel on the theme of “Integrating Intercultural Philosophy (and Theology) into Academic Curriculum” which was warmly received by the colleagues who came to the panel. We may continue to offer a similar topic as one of the two panels, if there is a strong interest among you. But certainly, we are not limited to this topic. Other important topics might include “conflict resolution,” “prayer,” “philosophy of peace,” etc. I look forward to your proposal.

SACP Call for Papers 2016 AAR