Dr. Ashok Malhotra, President of Ninash Foundation recently reported:

While visiting the Ninash Foundation’s four Indo-International Schools during December 2008-January 2009, Linda and I received the most heartwarming news that two of our underprivileged children had been accepted into a college of their choice. There were tears in our eyes and joy in our hearts because these same children, thirteen years ago, were picking up cow dung as their livelihood, and now they were able to attend college. While this may not be earth-shattering news for those living in the West, for these students it was a miracle of great achievement because by attending college and earning a degree they would be able to break the age-old caste barrier. Moreover, they would have an excellent chance of being accepted as equals while taking advantage of the booming economy of India.

During the past 13 years, you have been partners in the success and future of these socially outcast children. Through your generous support to the Ninash Foundation, more than 1000 needy children are receiving free education in the three Indo-International Elementary Schools and one High School. Equipped with an education, these children are asserting their rightful place in society and imparting the gift of literacy to their siblings, parents and friends.

The Ninash Foundation’s goal is to first achieve 100% literacy in the villages where these schools are located and then adopt this model for rest of India. We believe in the slogans ‘Each One Teach One’ and ‘Yes, We Can.’ In India, if the 700 million literate people follow these slogans they can teach the remaining 400 million illiterate people. Thus, India could eventually achieve 100% literacy. Though this may appear to be a monumental ambition, it can be realized.

Through your generous support and partnership, the Ninash Foundation has successfully built these four schools, providing an outstanding education to a disadvantaged class. In order to continue providing quality education to the needy, we are working to establish an endowment fund of $250,000, the interest from which will provide the necessary resources for the yearly recurring expenses of the four schools. The Watumull Foundation of Hawaii has responded to our request by giving $10,000 as seed money for the endowment. In this exciting venture of spreading literacy among the underprivileged, we are appealing to generous supporters like you to contribute $100, $200, $500, $1000 or more towards our goal of $250,000. No amount is ever too small because many drops of different sizes fill a bucket of water. Your generous contribution will give the gift of literacy to the needy and save them from becoming the ‘slumdog’ children.

Your contributions can be sent to the above address or you can visit our Website at http://www.ninash.org/ and contribute through Pay Pal.


Dr. Ashok Malhotra