Studies in Comparative Philosophy and Religion

Doug Allen is the editor of a new book series, Studies in Comparative Philosophy and Religion, to be published by Lexington Books, which is a scholarly division of Rowan and Littlefield. The Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy is a sponsor of the series.

The first book in the series is Varieties of Ethical Reflection: New Directions for Ethics in a Global Context, edited by Michael Barnhart. The recently published second volume is Mysticism and Morality: A New Look at Old Questions, by Richard Jones. The third volume, which will be published in late 2004, Gandhi’s Experiments with Truth: Essential Writings by and about Mahatma Gandhi, edited by Richard L. Johnson. The fourth volume will beComparative Philosophy in Times of Terror, edited by Douglas Allen.

This series is based on the view that significant and creative future studies in philosophy and religious studies will be informed by comparative research. These studies will emphasize aspects of contemporary and classical Asian philosophy and religion and their relationship to Western thought. This series will feature works of specialized scholarship by new and upcoming scholars in Asian and in the West, as well as works by more established scholars and books with a wider readership.

The editor welcomes a wide variety of manuscript submissions, especially works exhibiting highly focused research and theoretical innovation. Initial correspondence should involve sending cover letters and book proposals, not manuscripts. If there is sufficient interest and the proposal appears promising and relevant to the series, the editor will request sample chapters or an entire book manuscript

If you would like to discuss a possible manuscript proposal or have other questions relevant to this series, please contact Doug Allen

The Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy Monograph Series was started in 1974. Works are published in the series that deal with any area of Asian philosophy, or in any other field of philosophy examined from a comparative perspective. The aim of the series is to make available scholarly works that exceed article length, but may be too specialized for the general reading public, and to make these works available in inexpensive editions without sacrificing the orthography of non-Western languages.

Please send your manuscripts to:

John Schroeder and Jack Kline
St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
St. Mary’s City, MD 20686

For further information, please contact: John Schroeder